Blueprint for Overcoming Egypt’s Economic Crisis

Amidst the intensifying currency crisis and the deteriorating economic sector in Egypt, the Egyptian Human Rights Forum, in collaboration with economic researcher Magdy Mandour, presents a policy paper addressing the role of the current political regime in causing the country’s economic crisis. The regime heavily focuses on consolidating power in the hands of the military establishment at the expense of other social forces. The paper attempts to analyse the symptoms and causes of the crisis and its long-term impacts, while also offering recommendations and proposals for moving forward. It aims to be a working paper that sparks discussion, acknowledging the complexity of the issues at hand and the conditions that led to the crisis, necessitating further research and analysis for a better understanding of the subject.

Full paper: Blueprint for Overcoming Egypt’s Economic Crisis

Diaspora Deliberations is a series of policy papers based on extensive deliberations and consultations sponsored by the Egyptian Human Rights Forum regarding the state and future of human rights in Egypt. These deliberations involved a group of human rights defenders, academics, and civil society activists currently residing in European countries, the United States, Turkey, and Qatar. The papers represent an initial attempt to understand the roots and background of the deteriorating human rights situation in Egypt, and an effort by the contributors to propose visions and alternatives that could form a long-term agenda for engaging with human rights policies in Egypt.

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Egypt: Immediately and unconditionally release prominent political activist Mohamed Adel

The 80 undersigned human rights organizations reiterate their call on the Egyptian authorities to  immediately and unconditionally release prominent political activist and former spokesperson of  the  April 6 Youth Movement, Mohamed Adel, amid mounting concern over his cruel and  inhuman detention conditions and denial of adequate medical care. Mohamed Adel has already  been arbitrarily detained for five years solely for exercising his rights to freedom of expression,  association and peaceful assembly.     In March 2024, National Security Agency (NSA) officials threatened to place Mohamed Adel in  solitary confinement or transfer him to a different prison with notoriously cruel detention  conditions, in retaliation against his request for better prison conditions.     Since 30 May 2022, the Egyptian authorities have been denying Mohamed Adel access to  medical care for his various health conditions, including peripheral neuropathy, inflammation in  the knee joints and chest pains that were never diagnosed due to lack of access to specialized  doctors. The Gamassa prison authorities, where he is held, also deprive Mohamed Adel of access  to adequate food, further negatively affecting his health. The prison authorities also continue to  ban him from having access to any books in violation of the Egyptian prison laws and  regulations.    Mohamed Adel spent five years in abusive and arbitrary pretrial detention between 2018 and